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Adding Videos To Your Kennel Kit.

Adding videos to your Kennel Kit....


Adding videos to your kit is done in the Control Panel using the links in there you can add as many videos as you wish and have them display  for visitors and members to view.

The video files them selves do not get uploaded to the Staffdata server to save on data transfer with lots of videos instead you can simply upload your videos to sites like Photo Bucket And You Tube or any other video hosting server that will take your video and give you the needed HTML code to paste into your kit.

This means you can upload videos from your mobile phone or cameras in a matter of minutes.

When you upload your video to say photo bucket and You Tube you are given options for link codes etc, you will notice one of these link codes says HTML Code for the web or WWW Boards, this is the code you need, you simply select the code and copy it then take it to your kit and paste where it asks for this code, you add a tile for the video and a small description and this will list for all to see.

You do no coding you simply copy and paste the needed HTML code as it comes, you must not try to change it or add anything to this code its perfect the way it comes.

If you have any questions on using these sections please contact the Staffdata Support Using The Link Below. 

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