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Photo Albums, Picture Pedigrees & Gallery Images

Photo Albums, Picture Pedigrees & Gallery Images 

Whether you're the member of a kennel Kit or you're the Manager of your own Kennel Kit the way the galleries and photo albums and picture pedigrees work the same way. 

Each kit has its own settings to allow members to add and edit their own records and some kits may not allow this and have these features turned off. 

The way it works if open to user input is as follows.. 

As a member you can add your dogs record along with a profile  photo, the record will go into the database and become visible right away or once a manager accepts it..from there you may wish to have a gallery album show on the profile of the dog you added and you can do this once you get the manager to make you an album in the gallery for you to add your dogs pics. You can arrange this with the manager of the Kennel Kit your using by using a Contact Us Link or by other means if you know the Kit Manager/s 

The kit Managers have their own Control Panel where any amount of gallery albums can be made for any dog or group or theme albums as desired.. 

Once your album has been made you can log in and add photos to the gallery, from the albums list your presented with you pick your album and  add all the pics you need adding. Each dog needs to have its own album so as to show only their pics on their profiles although mixed albums could be allowed to show pups and siblings. 

When your pics are in the Kits Gallery Albums you can go to your Members Options by clicking the button on the top right of your screen and choose to edit your dogs records, when you see the details you added for your dog you will see a small list that you can click on to pick your album from the gallery and this sets that album to your dog,  Hit the update button at the bottom of the page and thatas it done, you will see small thumbnail images from the gallery on the dogs profile now... 

You can add as many images to the gallery as the site managers will allow. 

Picture Pedigrees 

Each dog added can have their own Picture Pedigree whether the record was added by a Member or Manager although members can only edit their own records a Manager can alter any and all records. 

The pics / photo s/ images used to make up your picture pedigrees all come from the Kennel Kits gallery and as such you must make sure all the photos you want to attach to your picture pedigrees are in the gallery somewhere before you begin. 

For the picture pedigree it is not as important where you use photos from in the gallery or where you upload them to in the gallery as long as they are in the gallery you can use them. The kits start out with a gallery album called For Pedigrees and are an easy to recall album to use if the managers do not specify anything else.. 

When you are logged in you can click on the Members Options Button on the top right of the page and you will be taken to your options where you can choose the record you wish to edit the picture pedigree for.You can then select each dog in the pedigree and point to a gallery photo to associate with and this will display on your pedigree for you. 

Your kit Manager may specify what albums to upload picture pedigree photos to so check first before you do so. Otherwise just add your photos to the For Pedigrees if its available. 

When a member updates pedigree photos it will work on a single pedigree and when a manager edits a pedigree each dog in the database with the same name will be altered to what the manager chooses. 

Please contact the site Manager/s on the Kit you use for further support on photos and the Kennel Kit.



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