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Q: How Can I Run My Own Kennel Kit?

Q: How Can I Run My Own Kennel Kit?

A: Fill in the form in the link below to get your own kennel kit set up for you.

Any one can do this and you need NO web design knowledge of any kind to run these kits.

If you can navigate the pages and have managed to add dogs profiles or posted images in the gallery then the admin panel works in the same manner and this allows you to add edit or delete the kits content using simple web forms to guide you.

The admin panel has a full set of tools to do this for you and you just click on the appropriate section to do whats needed.

You will recieve full support at all times if needed.

You dont need to have thousands of dogs to use these kits, you can simply add your own dogs, pups and friends dogs or you can build yourself a huge database of any breed or mixed breeds.

Added By: Admin  On: 07/04/2008 10:26:06