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What do I Get From A Kennel Kit ?

Help & Info On The Kennel Kit For Breeders & Exhibitors

This ready made solution gives you the opportunity to add your dogs to your web site with no knowledge of web design or running databases... You simply add your photos and text using simple web forms to add your content.

Add Canine Profiles Of Any Breed
You or your site members can add your dogs profiles to the site along with photos for each record added. The info that can be displayed ranges from health and testing,results, critiques and any general info on the dog you wish to display along with pedigree information.

The photos for these records can be changed at any time as the dog grows or you get better photos to go with the records. if you have added photos to online gallery's of forums on the net in the past then you will find this process pretty much the same.

Add Stud Dog Adverts
The stud dog adverts are similar to your Our Dogs Profiles described above but display dog that are up for stud, they can be viewed and edited in the same manner.

Add Classified Adverts For Sale
The classified adverts section allow you or your members to add adverts for Litters,pups, or dogs for sale, you can add the same basic info as your other profiles allow like pedigree info and photos that can be changed.

As a manager of the kit you can accept adverts from your members and they do not display until you approve them for public display or you can choose to delete and not allow them.

Add Unlimited Show Results For Each Dog Added
Any dog added to your sites database can have an unlimited amount of show records added along with their profiles once they have been included in the our dogs or stud sections.

Accept Records From Your Members
As a Kennel Kit manager you have a members section that allows you to accept members to your site, anyone surfing the net can see and view your records but to add content like gallery photos, show records & profiles you need to be a member. Through a set of simple forms potential members can apply to join and you have the options to allow or decline their applications.

Add Your Own Logos & Site Banners
The main config section in the admin Control Panel has photo / image uploads that allow you to add images from your own PC and be placed into the kits logo or banner sections which ever you choose.

There are basic templates available for you in the admin sections to download and create your own banners using ours as templates to work on or you can choose to use any alternative method you desire to create your images and logos..

You can however keep the existing default images and simply alter the kits text and headings to suit its up to yourself.

Change The Colour Scheme
There are 5 different colour themes to pick from at present, simply use the colour picker at the top of the main page to set your chosen scheme. Each colour scheme can have its own banners uploaded to suit.

Run A Guest book
The kit comes complete with a built in guest book for people visiting your site to leave you a message,they can leave a small message along with their link and email address and you can choose to auto accept the additions here or force your guest book entries to be viewed by a manager and approved first.

Add News & Events Topics
The built in News & Events section allows kit managers to add any new news or announcements they wish to publish, the newest of the entered news topics will show as quick links on the main page. you have full control of these news topics in your control panel.

Add Random Favorite Quotes
Through out the site there are random quotes appear, these are generated randomly from your database and has a section in your control panel that allow you to delete edit or add as many as you wish.

They can be on any topic or quote you desire, the kit comes with 50 or so canine related quotes to get you going, you can edit or delete these or keep them and add your own on top..

Build A Gallery Of Photos & Gallery Slide show
The kit has a built in gallery and slide show for you and your members to add photos to via simple photo upload forms. You need to add a photo and a small description to go with each image added and there are restrictions as to photo size but these do not stop for quality images being added and are easy and fast to use.

Any photos added by members need your approval and will not be displayed until they have been checked by yourself or whoever runs your kit as a manager.

Depending on your hosing deal the amount of photos allowed in the kit vary but there is ample room for many photos on any of the hosting plans.

Contact All Your Members With 1 Simple Email
If you wish to contact all of our members with new or announcements you have a built in Email All Members form that will let you do this using 1 simple form and Send button.

Add Your Own Info/Images To Your About Us & Main Pages
The about Us pages and main pages allow you to add your own text,info and images to suit, this can be done in the control panel once logged in.

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