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How Do I Add My Dogs Pedigree & Details To My Kennel Kit / Dog Blog ?

Adding your dogs details is very easy and only takes a couple of mins.

You need to be a member firstly so if your not then you need to apply, even if the Log In is switched off certain areas of the website need you to Log In to utilise.

So Log In then hit any of the Add Dog buttons you see on the websites pages,You must add a profile photo first and then fill out the resulting form with as much info as possible.Its the same process if your adding an Our Dogs Profile, A Stud Dog Profile or a Classified advert.

Once you have added your details hit the add record button at the bottom of the page and your details will be sent to the website managers for them to review your dogs details and include them in the main database.

Once visible each dog added can have show records and comments added automatically.

Added By: Admin  On: 21/01/2007 04:56:06